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ETHIOPIA: Bishops Invite Partners to work for Peace

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The Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Ethiopia has invited partners of the Catholic Church to work together in realization of calls of peace.

Fr Teshome Fikre, Secretary General of the Catholic bishops Conference of Ethiopia, in his opening speech during the Ethiopian Catholic Church Partners Annual Coordination Meeting in Addis Ababa  he said that the Catholic Church in its efforts to address peace issues focuses on tackling the root causes of conflict.

“The Church attempts to nourish the culture of peace and the peace making role of the Catholic Church focuses on resolving conflicts and building conditions for lasting peace by promotion and protection of human rights and advancing integral human development,” reported Ethiopian Catholic Secretariat.

Fr Teshome underscored that the Catholic Church recognizes poverty and lact of basic necessity are some of the main causes for conflict and addressing them is a step towards achieving sustainable peace.

“All grass root development actions the church is involved contribute greatly for peaceful coexistence and we need to strengthen our interventions,” he said.

The Archbishop of Addis Ababa and President of the Catholic Bishops Conference of Ethiopia, Berhaneyesus Cardinal D. Souraphiel, present during the meeting reassured that the Catholic Church is always praying for peace and working to be an instrument of peace.



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