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KENYA: Open Your Hearts to Vocations, Archbishop Muheria Tells Youth

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12 SL 1 KenyaArchbishop Anthony Muheria of the Catholic Archdiocese of Nyeri has called on youth to be open to the call of God to religious life.

“Don’t be discouraged by the things that happen around you, young people, if you are called to serve, do not say no. In order to say yes to God’s calling, we must say no to pretense and superficiality and tune to the silence of prayer. You must be strong, courageous and have faith in your heart. Let your faith be on fire,” the archbishop said in his sermon on Saturday July 7, at the National Catholic Youth Centre, in Nairobi.

The prelate was addressing members of the Kenya Young Catholic Students (KYCS) from secondary schools, who had gathered for the annual National Flags Day.

He based his sermon on the theme of the day, Luke 1:30 “…And the Angel said to her, do not be afraid Mary, for you have found favor with God.”

“Our Mother Mary was an example of humility and a great mentor, we should emulate her. It is not the good looking, not those who shout and brag who change lives and make things happen, it is those who are in the background, who have a firm and clear resolve…we must emulate those who talk little and act volumes.”

Fr Celestino Bundi in his advice session lamented the particular shortage of priests in the Dioceses of Marsabit, and Garissa, where some parishes celebrate Mass only twice in a year, during Christmas and Easter.

“We must dispose ourselves to be sent, there is a great need of priests, brothers and sisters in the country. We are not enough. Come and help in the growth of the Church,” he said.

The KYCS 2018 National Flags day was themed ‘See, Judge, Act’. It was attended by students from 11 out of the 26 Catholic Dioceses in Kenya.


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