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In the Gospel of St. Luke,(10:29—37),we  are presented with the parable of the good Samaritan, a traveler who was moved with compassion, when he came across the man who on his way from Jerusalem to Jericho, fell into the hands of the bandits, who stripped him, beat him and then made off, leaving him  half dead. The compassionate Samaritan out of heartfelt pity went up to him and bandaged his wounds, pouring oil and wine on them. Lifting him up, he put him on his own mount and took him to an innkeeper, gave him two denarii  and he said to him “Look after him and on my way back, I will make good any extra expense you have.”

Jesus Christ is the good Samaritan who each moment is moved with pity on those who have fallen on the hands of sickness and diseases, those who are living in abject poverty, the old and infirm who have nobody to look after them, the widows who cannot make ends meet, the orphans who have no idea of the parental love, the hungry who have no one to feed them, the thirsty who have no one to give them to drink, the naked who have nobody to clothe them, and the spiritually hungry ,who thirst for the good news of Jesus Christ.

In his spiritual writing, our Founder Fr. Joseph Allamano notes, we have received special approval for agricultural farms, and industrial workshops, for schools and home visits, for orphanages, and giving medical assistance. (Sl 6).This quotation from our Founder, Fr. Allamano, is a proof that the Consolata missionaries have a special mandate to respond to the needs of the various people they work among. In fact Christ the good Samaritan brings within the abode of the Consolata missionaries every one of these people with special needs. Christ the good Samaritan entreats us to look after them.

In the constitution it stands written, among others, “the announcing of good news to peoples who have not yet been evangelized, preferably the most needy and the neglected.” (no 17).This is a proof that as the Innkeepers, Christ the good Samaritan does not  bring to us only those who are in physical or material needs, but He knocks at our missionary doors bringing in all those who are spiritually hungry and thirsty. Those who need to be partakers of his body and blood. Those who are at the risk of dying without receiving the last rite, those who are in dire need of baptism, those who are really weighed down by their sins needing confession. All these Christ the good Samaritan brings to us.

In order to respond effectively to the needs of these people, we should be prepared to work strenuously. “We should value and love work, even manual work, this is the tradition of our congregation. By means of work, a missionary acquires a practical sense of reality and service. He contributes to human development and so evangelization, and to the smooth running of his community.”(Con no 16)

In order to achieve all these, both now and in the future, Fr. Allamano urges us to prepare ourselves and learn to do a bit of everything and to develop love for work. (Sl 159)The Founder encourages us never to let our talents remain dormant. He wants us to appreciate and put into good use everything that can be useful. ‘’I want all of your abilities to be cultivated’’ (SL 159)

In the Gospel passage we read that Christ gave the Innkeeper two denarii and promised to make up for any extra amount. We can then pause to ask ourselves, what have we received from Christ ourselves as the Innkeepers? Christ the good Samaritan has given us more than two denarii. He has given us avocation, supernatural providence, and he has provided us with the necessary talents so as to respond to the needs of our brothers and sisters who he brings to us. (Sl 13).

More than anything else, we have our lady of consolation, whom Christ himself has given us, our dear mother. Together with her, we present to Christ the good Samaritan the needs of our congregation. She helps us when we are tempted and in all the miseries of which our lives are full of ( Sl 568).She gives us whatever courage we need in the difficulties we encounter and she defends us from evil.(SL 568).More than the two denarii, Christ has emptied  himself up for us in the most holy Eucharist, where he is fully and truly present, body and blood ,humanity and divinity. Love alone can understand why Jesus the good Samaritan chose to do this. From the mass, we draw the spiritual and the physical strength to serve all those who Christ brings within our missionary abode.

Therefore as the Innkeepers assigned by Christ the good Samaritan, let us make affirm resolution to apply ourselves wholly to this holy duty joyfully, without any grumbling, but with love that stems from a pure heart. For Christ the good Samaritan promised to come back and reward us, for he himself testified saying, “In truth I tell you, in so far as you did this to one of the least of my brothers, you did it unto me” (Mt 25:40).And again he said, “Come you whom my Father has blessed, take as your heritage the kingdom prepared for you since the foundation of the world. For I was hungry, and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me to drink, I was a stranger and you made me welcome, lacking clothes and you clothed me, sick and you visited me ,in prison and you visited me”( Mt 25:34—36).This is our sure hope as Consolata missionaries.





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