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The Consolata Missionaries working in South Korea and Mongolia, as well as the three missionaries who will initiate our missionary presence in Taiwan later this year, are gathered in Arvaiheer, in the parish of Our Lady of Mercy, our parish, for two weeks of spiritual exercises, the Asian assembly and some sightseeing. Also from Rome we have Fr. Ugo Pozzoli and our vice-general superior, Fr. Dietrich Pendawazima.

The first week is devoted to the annual spiritual exercises, whereas the second one will be divided in two parts: our Asian assembly and visit to the Gobi desert, as well as meeting bishop Padilla and visiting a parich in the capital Ulaanbaatar. The annual retreat is guided by Father Piero Trabucco, who focuses his attention on blessed Joseph Allamano’s spirituality.

However, as Fr. Trabucco mentioned in his introduction, this is not a retreat about Allamano, but a retreat done with him. The context of our spiritual exercises is the celebration of the “Year of Allamano”, in which our Institute, including friends and benefactors, are praying to God so that He may include him among the saints of his people.

The meditations aim at helping us in meditating and evaluating our relationship with God, the others and the mission in accordance to the model presented to us by our father Allamano. From this relationship the missionary zeal so dear to Allamano arises naturally. At the same time, we pray in harmony with the Asian continent, crib of the major monotheistic religions and yet the least evangelized. Thus, before we discuss and discern about our commitment to the mission in Asia, we pray about it to the owner of this vast vineyard.

The place where are at the moment has a special meaning for us, Consolata Missionaries: this small community of priests and sisters had been developing a mission of first evangelization, which became a parish with 20 local faithful and various catechumens. Their pastoral and missionary ministry also includes a kindergarten which accommodates 18 children and promotion of women, among other social services, mainly public shower rooms and a playground for kids.

It is worth noting the presence of the team of three missionaries who will initiate our missionary presence in Taiwan. Yes, our mission in Asia is “flying to broader spaces”. They are Fr. Eugenio Boatella from Spain, Fr. Piero Dimaria from Italy and Fr. Mathews Odhiambo from Kenya. Therefore this is the very first Asian assembly at its full strength.

We ask God to bless us and help us in becoming more and more instruments of his consolation and true witnesses of the Gospel in this continent, according to the spirit of our father Blessed Allamano.






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