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In readiness and preparation for the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ, Fr. Allamano begins by giving insights about the Holy week. The Founder says that this week is called “major” because it reminds us of the great benefits God has given us.Fr. Allamano goes ahead to say that ,it is not enough  during this  Holy week just to consider it Holy in its self, but that we have to sanctify it and consider well the mysteries it presents to us. The Founder reminds us that we need to shake ourselves up and pray.Fr. Allamano encourages us to make good use of this week, by doing everything in its proper time.  

In the Gospel of Easter Sunday, it is written, ‘’They ran together, but the other disciple out ran Peter and reached the tomb first’’(John 20 ;1—9)These two disciples were running to go and confirm whether if truly the Lord had risen and if in deed he was out of the tomb. It is this same race that all of us take part in, not to go and confirm whether the Lord is truly risen, but to re-affirm our faith in the risen Lord, for we believe that Christ indeed rose from the dead and we can testify this together with St. Paul as he writes, “In fact however, Christ has been raised from the dead as the first fruit of all who have fallen asleep” (1st Cor 15:20)

It is the same hope of resurrection which stirs us up, hoping to be like Christ in his resurrection at the end of times, sharing the same hope with St. Paul as he writes, “That I may come to know him, and the power of his resurrection, and partake of his sufferings, by being mounded to the pattern of his death, striving towards the goal of resurrection from the dead’’ (Phil 3:11—12). Butwe may then ask ourselves, with which intention should we run this noble race? St. Paul gives us a beautiful answer. ‘’Run like that—to win’’.  (1stcor 9:25).Therefore we should all run hoping to win. Yes we should run with a clear goal of winning the wreath that will never wither.

The Founder on the other hand reminds us by saying, You have made good use of the holy week, and now it is Easter. Actually he calls Easter our Carnival. Jesus rose never to die again and death has no power over him. Beautiful words of encouragement from our Founder Joseph Allamano. The Founder goes ahead to say that, this is a week of joy and we too as Consolata missionaries must be happy in a holy way on this feast of the Church. We should feel the need to shout Alleluia! The Founder encourages us to keep alive the favor we feel at this feast day of Easter. “We have risen, we no longer wish to die, we want to be genuine missionaries”! He concludes by saying, Never be afraid of being too zealous!

Let us all as a family make affirm resolution to run this race to the finish, to keep the faith, and all that there is and kept for us is the crown of uprightness, which the Lord, the upright Judge will give us on that Day. Happy Easter! Let us all sing with one accord, Alleluia, Alleluia, for this is the day the Lord has made.





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