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Saturday evening was the launching of the book: "Catholic Responses to AIDS in Southern Africa". This book is a publication of the SACBC Aids office and St Joseph's Theological Institute. It gathers the papers presented a year at a theological conference celebrated on the 30 years of HIV/Aids. 

"The Catholic Church in Southern Africa has been one of the principal players in the response to this crisis. From a relatively slow beginning in the 1980s it had become a major provider of health care and information on HIV prevention by the early 21st century"

The launching was done at the Bishop's house in Manzini as all the bishops are celebrating here their plenary session. Later on it will be launched in the Archdioceses of South Africa.

Being the liaison bishop of the AIDS office and the bishop of Manzini, I was asked to share my pastoral experience in the fight against this pandemic.

I was followed by Fr Stuart Bate OMI who coordinated the theological conference last year and edited this book.

We were very grateful for the presence of Mr Khanya Mabuza, executive director of the National Emergency Response Council on HIV and AIDS (NERCHA) who also addressed us sharing his own experience and the present situation on the country regarding HIV/Aids.

I have uploaded a couple of files with what I had prepared with what was, somehow, my address.

Address by Deputy President Thabo Mbeki Declaration of Partnership Against Aids - Click HERE 

My address - Click HERE





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