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The Founder always desired that, those who join the society should in fact be first Saints then, missionaries. ‘’here therefore is your duty: to become saints, great saints and soon. (SL 83) These words of the Founder seem startling and strange to a person who does not reflect on their meaning through prayer and inner recollection. One can even end up asking himself or herself how possible it is for someone who is still alive to be declared a saint .Again someone may find the thoughts of the Founder  about becoming first saints then missionaries actually out of place, believing that saint hood is preserved for those who have finished their journey here on earth.

Again it is somewhat bizarre for someone who has just come across these words of the Founder from what other people mention, without himself or herself taking the initiative of reading them as an individual and getting to the roots of their meaning. It is therefore very important for all the Consolata missionaries, sons and daughters of Allamano to get in touch with his spiritual writings, which are full of power and wisdom.

It is evident in the writing and thoughts of the Founder that sanctity was his main preoccupation. This is a word that easily came from his lips almost every time he spoke. It is out of his love of sanctity that the Founder derives the primary aim of our Congregation.’’Our own sanctification” (SL85).The Founder could not consider any other thing as apriority and a holy duty to his dearly beloved sons and daughters than becoming first saints then missionaries. To him, the journey to sanctity was urgent and necessary.” That you become saints: this is my principle concern and my constant preoccupation. This is our goal, to become saints, great saints as soon as possible’’. (Cosi 37) .It is just beautiful to see how many times he could pronounce the word saints!

In the mind of the Founder, to attain the goal of sanctity, we must live as real missionaries, letting ourselves to be formed in the true missionary spirit. To attain this, one should not wait until he or she arrives in the mission, nor should young men in the high school, wishing to join the seminary until they actually become seminarians, nor postulants until they become professed. The thought of becoming a consolata missionary is just enough to start us on.

At the same time it is the love of sanctity that led the Founder to coin the secondary purpose of our society, the evangelization of non-Christians. For Allamano even the non –Christians should be helped spiritually so that, they too can become saints. To evangelize non-Christians we need holiness as a fire!’’ Souls are saved through holiness’’ (cosi 40).Without this sanctity, then we cannot adequately evangelise non-christians,for it is clear in  the mind of the Founder that we cannot make others good if we ourselves are lacking in goodness. ‘’No one gives what he does not have”. (Cosi 40)

The Founder reminds us that we can administer a sacrament without being holy but to convert a person, No (cosi 40). Not unless we are aflame, we cannot kindle afire. Therefore we should all strive to attain this flame of sanctity so that we can kindle the souls of those whom we evangelise. This flame in sanctity!

Above all, it is worthy appreciating what the Founder means by first saints then missionaries. It seems a bit of a misplacement of words if we don’t reflect. Someone would suggest that it should be first missionaries then saints. No No. and this is what the Founder says emphatically, ‘‘any one who says I am here to become a missionary and that is all is making amistake’’.And more interestingly the Founder says, ’’we cannot transpose the two phrases: first we become saints and then we convert others. Missionaries yes, but saints as well. (Così 40)

It means therefore that we have no otherwise but just to become saints if we are to remain true Consolata missionaries. We should therefore reflect on the obligation we assumed when we entered the congregation .We should think of the voice of the lord calling us to become saints. But then one can ask that how do we become saints? Should we perform miracles? No not at all. The Founder wants only one thing from us, and that is to do everything well. This is the root to santity.In doing everything well we imitate Jesus in the Gospel (Mk.7:37) In all that we do, people should say, they have done everything well. This is the surest way to sanctity.

Therefore what the Founder wants from us is not to perform miracles but to simply to do everything well. It is not enough to do good; we have to do it well. It is not enough to pray, we need to pray well. It is not enough to pray the rosary; we have to pray it well. If we study, we must study well. If we work, we must work well. And this goes for all the actions of the day.

Then again how should we do everything well? The Founder gives us the way out. First we should do everything as our Lord would do it.Secondly; we have to perform all our actions as we would mean to have done them when we have to give account before the tribunal of God. Thirdly, we should do everything as if it were the last thing we will do it in our lives. (SL 98).

We should therefore be extraordinary in the ordinary things. What counts is not doing many things but doing them well. We should place all our attention to our present duties. If we do this then we shall all be saints and happy missionaries, true sons and daughters of Joseph Allamano.





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