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For 112 years now since 29 January 1901 the Consolata Missionaries celebrate the foundation of their Religious family. A time for the members, friends and relatives to remember the initial intention, the purpose and the objectives, for which the Lord God inspired Blessed Joseph Allamano to begin a Missionary Congregation right at the dawn of the 20th Century. At Allamano House, one of the six Consolata missionary international theological seminaries, which is in Nairobi, Kenya, this day is usually celebrated together with the institution into the ministries of Lectors and Acolytes of some of our members.

The Eucharistic celebration began at 5.30 pm, presided over by Rev.Fr Hieronymus Joya, the Regional Superior of the Kenya-Uganda Region.  There were 10 Concelebrant Imc Priests, all from the Langata Zone. During the Eucharistic celebration five of our second year brothers were instituted into the ministry of Lectors (Readers): Wilfred Gikundi, Stephen Odhiambo, Tobias Omondi, David Gonzalez and Luiz de Brito. The New Acolytes, in their third year of theology, were seven: Dieudonne Mukadi, Domnick Otieno, Jacob Odongo, Bernard Mwanzo, Simon Mwangi, Marco Msogoya, and Gregory Mduda.

The celebration of the Word was an important moment before the institution into the ministries. The first reading was taken from Rm 12:9-18. It was read by Yohani Kalisti. The Gospel came from Jn 15:4-5; 9-17. It was proclaimed by Fr. John Bonanomi. After the proclamation of the Gospel, Fr. Matthews Odhiambo, the Rector of Allamano House proceeded to call and present the candidates to the ministries of Lector and Acolyte. This was followed by the homily of Fr. Joya. In his homily, Fr. Joya offered his audience three important points of reflection. The first point was a reminder that whatever the Consolata Missionary Congregation has become in the whole world is in some way the fruit of the Kenya Region, because it was here that everything began. Therefore, the success of the entire Congregation is the pride of the Kenya-Uganda Region. Secondly, he requested the missionaries present to be grateful because God’s people are happy and thank the Lord for the work done by the Consolata Missionaries in development, human promotion, evangelization, and so on. Thirdly, he stressed the importance of prayer for our missionary work, each one where he is assigned and in whatever activity he is engaged: studies, lectures, or parish work.  All these three points were crowned by a single and crucial evangelical value: love. Without love, he commented, nothing is possible, but with love we can do everything with success. Love should drive our communities, animate our work, and guide our faith. Before instituting our brothers as Lectors, Fr. Joya instructed them to develop a culture of reading carefully the Bible, understand the Holy Scriptures, in order to interpret them faithfully to the community and God’s people. He exhorted the Acolytes to make sure that the Mass vessels are always clean, to make a difference on this area in their places of weekly apostolate, long holiday pastoral experience and, in the very near future, their own parishes of missionary work.