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Kenya - Consolata Seminary, Missionary Meeting

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Missionary meeting is a monthly event for the student of Consolata seminary. During this meeting the philosophy students of a particular class are asked make an in-depth study into a missionary country or reality and present it to the rest of the seminary. In this meeting some guest speakers are also invited to give some input.

The postulants this time round presented the missionary situation in Africa. They went through the topics: African spirituality, inculturation, evangelization, ecumenism, the challenges of mission in African and finally the presence of the Consolata Missionaries (brothers, sisters and priests) in Africa.

The guests speakers were; Fr. Maurice Awiti and Fr. Stephen Okello (Consolata Missionaries) and Fr. Modesty Inyait, Apostles of Jesus (an expert in African Spirituality).

Fr. Inyait said of African Spirituality includes: deep conviction and beliefs, it is a way of life, a set of values that guide the whole life of the African person. He noted that, it is important to understand African Spirituality for one to evangelize in Africa today.

The 11th General Chapter was presented by Fr. Okello to the students to illustrate the style and mission of the Consolata Missionaries. Fr. Okello took the audience through the Acts of the Chapter literally page by page. He showed how the chapter has touched the challenges of evangelization today namely: social communication, urban poverty, HIV& Aids, justice and peace, incluturation , human migrations, civil society and the issue of the youth. Fr. Okello also challenged the formators to engage the students in discussing the section of “Orientation of our Mission”.

The meeting was concluded by a brief sharing of Fr. Awiti on the situation of Missionary and Vocation Animation in Kenya. The way forward, he said is in collaboration with other missionary animation groups, involvement of the lay people, and revision of the content Missionary and Vocation Animation. We must always look back at the past and renew it so as to remain relevant. The new ways and means present today must be used so as to achieve the desired results.


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