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Ethiopia: Priestly Ordination

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On Sunday, 5th August 2006, we attended the ceremony of the Priestly Ordination of our Confrere, Fr. Abishu Gabriel Morke. He is an Ethiopian from Gambo Catholic Mission. After his novitiate in Sagana(Kenya), Fr. Abishu made his first profession on 16/07/2002. Then, he followed his theological studies in Allamano House and made his last profession on 11/11/2005.

During the Eucaristic Celebration, Fr. Antonio Vismara informed the assembly of the mission country of Fr. Abishu: Argentina.

Then, Fr. Antonio Vismara expressed concern about the ideas that some might have on Fr. Abishu after the Priestly Ordination. Saying that externally, Fr. Abishu may look the same as he was before the Ordination, but actually we cannot look at it in that way.

Himself, Fr. Abishu, taking into account his motto ( Rm.8:35): " Who will separate us from the love of Christ? (...), expressed his love and thanks to the Consolata Missionaries, his parents, friends and all the Christians of Gambo Catholic Church and from different missions, for all they've done in his life.

May Our Mother, the Consolata, and our Founder, Joseph Allamano, be the protectors of Fr. Abishu Gabriel Morke.


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