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Kenya: Ordination to Priesthood

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God has a plan for all of us and for Stephen Mutua Silu of Makima Catholic Parish he is called to be a Consolata Missionary priest. Silu was ordained on the 19th August at Siakago Catholic Church in Embu Catholic Diocese. He was ordained by Archbishop Ndingi Mwana wa Nzeki (ordinary of Nairobi) he was assisted by Bishop Antony Muheria of Embu Diocese. Also ordained on that day were 3 diocesan deacons to the order of presbyter and on to the order of deaconate.

For those with good memory Siakago was once under the Consolata Missionaries. History stands to appreciate the very fact that we have one of our own ordained where our elder brothers once worked and planted the seed of Christian faith. The ordination was very colorful, with many Consolata Missionaries (Sisters, Priests, Brothers, and students) representing the whole Consolata Family. May God bless Fr. Stephen, the Consolata Family and reward his family and all those who have accompanied him all the years to reach the altar of the Lord.


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