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Ethiopia: New Year 99

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While most of the countries in the whole wide world are in Year 2006; in Ethiopia contrary to popular belief, people are in full preparation for the celebration of the new year 99 which is going to be on Monday 11 September 2006 according to the universal calendar. You may find it Bizarre but that is the Ethiopian reality.

In Ethiopian calendar, Monday will be the 1st of September. It is the feast of St John Baptist. Recalling the scriptures, St John Baptist is the one who prepared the way for the Saviour ( Jesus Christ), knowing that with Jesus Christ, there is New Life.
That's the reason why the Ethiopian culture adopted that day of 1st September to recall and celebrate the New Year.

In this particular day, every family in Ethiopia is gathered together to express their joy, sharing the meal together. Some also underline that in this day, mostly young girls, gathered together, are so thrilled and all running around the villages, towns visiting different families. On their way, they are singing, giving grass (grass = qetema in Amharic) to those families. That is the expression of blessings and best wishes for the New Year. It is so wonderful to see most of the people in White Clothes. It means the Purity.

To all of you, Confreres (Ethiopians) who are all over the world:

"Melkam Addis Amet" = Happy New Year"


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