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Kenya: Nutrition project in Chiga

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4 Million for Nutrition Project in Chiga.

{mosimage}Chiga Catholic Church on the September 10th, 2006 was a beneficiary of a grant of US$ 60,000 by the New Zealand Aid for International Development for a Nutrition Project. This was after a satisfactory completion of the Phase I of the project.

The grant for Phase II is now for the next two years, it has been divided into two parts. Part one is for the next one year which ends on the 9th Sept 2007. The second part of the Project which will commence on the 10th of Sept 2007 and end on the 9th Sept 2008. The Phase I that commenced in September last year had US$ 13,920. The Phase one achieved the following:
  1. Preparation of baseline data on the status of underweight amongst children below the age of five using Weight For Age (WFA) Index.
  2. Raising awareness amongst households on the advantages of proper feeding practices, with special emphasis on children below the age of five and those infected with or affected by HIV/AIDS.
  3. Encouraging households to set up kitchen gardens so as to grow horticultural crops in order to enhance their food security and nutrition.
  4. Constructing a demonstration kitchen at the Chiga Catholic Mission; and Purchasing office equipment for the management of the Project.

The second phase of the project is meant to help community:

  • Improve the nutrition levels especially for Children with under 5 years,
  • Adopt sound farming methods to enhance food security,
  • Enhance it’s capital asset base (working on a market oriented agriculture for the growing urban (Kisumu) population,
  • Develop their water harvesting systems i.e. roof catchments, water pans and digging of bore holes. Water harvesting can provide sources for livestock, domestic use, vegetable production and tree nurseries. Well-designed water management structures may also be the most effective method to reduce the ferocity of flood waters and subsequent erosion and
  • Build strong local institutions and leadership for collective action in management of community resources.

The Project is non denominational – Catholics and non- catholic are equal beneficiaries.
{mosimage} The Chiga community in general has been given a new lease of life with the project and this was demonstrated on the launching of the Phase II as there were different activities on the day that were well participated. The activities included cooking competition, rewarding of those who for the past one year have been consistent to the project programs, to mention but a few.
The occasion was graced by; Fr. Kizito, parish priest, Fr. Mark Gitonga, Fr. Maurice Awiti, Br. Mario, Mr. Tom Owuor, Hon consul of New Zealand in Kenya who was also the guest of honor (he was representing H.E. Malcolm McGoun, New Zealand High Commissioner to Pretoria, South Africa who was unable to join you on this memorable occasion) and his wife. The multitude of Christians in attendance on this day were overjoyed and showed a appreciation for the assistance and the changes that the Nutrition project had brought to them.

Special thanks to the New Zealand Govt. through their office in Pretoria, South Africa. We also thank the Hon Consul Mr. Owuor who has been very instrumental in the collaboration between Chiga Parish and the New Zealand government. Thanks also to Fr. Kizito for accepting to host the project and the Project staff, Ms. Veronica Oriaro and Miss Geraldine Ajwang’ all these worked hand and glove with the community to see that the project objectives were achieved.
We want to wish the chiga community all the best as they enter into the second phase of the Nutrition project.


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