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Kenya: Tangaza Football cup, the glory of Consolatas

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Triumph as Allamano House snatches Tangaza football cup from the capspiros

{mosimage}“The good must be done well without noise”. There is nothing so entertaining like a serious yet fraternal semi-final football match by two tough teams. It is the beginning of the memorable moment as one watches the strong Salesians of Don Bosco’s efforts repeatedly thwarted by the Consolata Missionary’s team.

While still wondering which side Bl. J.Allamano might have been supporting, the Consolatas emerged the winners but this was just the beginning, not as thrilling as the shriek of a tappet.

It was the toughest and the most well-played match of the year; sharp targets, narrow misses, slight miscalculations, appraisals and disappointments from both sides. Yes, it was the determining match!

Ready for the finals bearing in mind a 2-1 defeat in the preliminaries by the Divine Word Missionaries (SVD) who we were our only stumbling block to the cup, I pause and remember one saying “beware of the wounded bull!”. Tensed but well prepared for the tough war, we emerged for we believed ‘a man could try!’ Then the full time ends knowing very well that there were to be no extra time but penalties, people who had lost hope after exhorting Our Blessed Founder and Our Lady Consolata took heart and went for the penalties. This time with no much enthusiasm knowing very well that it was during such a penalty shootout last year that we lost the Cup to the CAPSPIROS (Capuchins, Spiritans and Rosminians combined)only to become runners up. This to us was neither enough nor fulfilling; we were to rise to the highest level.  One by one went the penalty shootouts and with Godwin, our goal-keeper who managed to save one penalty, we won… just like this…

And we shuted in triumph; yes, the cup was ours but we were keen enough to remember our anthem, "O Consolata Madre d’amor".

{mosimage} This was a pure fruit of combined effort of both the Philosophicum and the Theologicum.With the support of Fr.John Bonanomi the Philosophicum’s rector; Fr.Libana the footballer, Fr Penda the rector, Fr. Bellagamba the next Coach, Okwaro the Coach, Nyakundi the Coach, Miriti the organizer, Lawrence the Captain all the players and all those who tirelessly cheered the team.

But there is time for everything, and now it was time for jubilation; the inauguration of the cup together with the celebration of the birthdays of Charles Karoki and Charles Okoreh. Remembering that the good had to be done well without blowing the trumpet, there was nothing like the triumphal entry to the College as has been the tradition.

This was a different style; no convoy of cars, no hootings or even shouts in the college! The good had tot be done well without noise.


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