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Kenya: Meeting with the General Councilor

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{mosimage}Fr. Paco the general councilor in charge of formation has been visiting formation houses in the Kenyan region. In the meeting he held with the Allamano community, Fr. Paco did not presume to possess magical tricks for eliminating problems in our formation house. He did not think it wise to throw stones at anyone.

He however helped us learn something very fundamental ‘we have a role to play in the whole formation process and we can only understand the goodwill in others by discovering how often we falter in our own duties’ this is the full report of his address to the Allamano community meeting at the conclusion of his visit.

Fr Paco thanked the community for hosting him for the last twelve days during which he shared in the life of this house of formation. He described his experience as ‘joy filled’ and an eye opener to many things about this formation house.

The mission

Key in his address was the mission. He was emphatic on the need to stay focused on the mission which God is calling as to. ‘A mission that is ever demanding for well formed persons and whose knowledge comes not from books, but from a long time experience. Actions should not only be a response to duty but better from a living faith in God; a faith that should give dimension to our journey and unify all aspects of our life. It demands ability to practice all that we have learned in school; in our meditation… people demand our testimony and not our eloquent speeches.’

The spirit of communion

Fr Paco commended the friendly atmosphere in the community. In addition however, he noted that friendship has two dimensions: one that grows out of the affection that develops between individuals with similar ideals and one that is pegged on charity. The latter is more genuine. It brings together people of different ideals, races, nationalities. Such friendship is the ideal one because it does not isolate but brings unity to all. He warned against tendencies to identify oneself with a particular tribe, race, because such tendencies are poisonous more so to an international community like Allamano House. He said that Christ gives a new identity to the human society and in Him, nothing else can be absolutized: ‘We will realize the beauty in the cultures only if we stick to the command of the gospel and without which all sorts of problems crop up in our relationship with others…friendship rooted in the gospel transcends tribal affiliations, personal preferences and builds bridges across cultures. It calls one to be responsible for the others… Our way of living must be the way of Christ; we must pray for each other, share each other’s pains and help each other to grow.’

Student- formator relationship

Fr. Paco underscored the need of total confidence in the formator –formee relationship. He went on to say that ‘faith in the formators is very important in the formative journey, a faith that does not stem from personal likings of the formator because such a faith is not free, a faith that sees in the formator a friend not an enemy or a policeman.’ He stated that there’s no perfect community in this world which however does not mean that it is impossible to practice virtue. ‘Everything is built on faith in the example of Christ’.


Mission, according to Fr. Paco needs experts of communion. Fundamental to communion, is the cross… "In pain, in loneliness, in suffering, we build this communion." He added that Christ himself injects in our hearts the passion for mission. ‘God is communion and we must also be people of communion… It is important to look at each other and see each other as Christ’s sees us.’ Paco saw this as the reason why we are sent for our pastoral work in pairs.

"It is important therefore to prepare the pastoral work together and to put our hearts in what we are doing."


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