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Kenya: a priest forever

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{mosimage}It’s more than a month since that memorable day, 30th of September 2006, the day that I was elevated to the sacred order of priesthood by His Grace Bishop Peter Kairo of the Diocese of Nakuru, Kenya. I have all the reasons to thank the Almighty.

First and foremost for the gift of perseverance; it has taken me fourteen good years to reach the altar of the Lord, it has not been easy but I must confess that it has been a wonderful period of personal growth in all senses. When people used to ask me, hey, how do you feel when you see all your classmates already priests and you still don’t know when they will ordain you?

My answer used to be always, as long as I am doing the will of God, I leave it to Him to decide when. And finally He did.

Before the material date, the parish community, led by its pastor, Fr Joseph Ithari, was a hub of activities as they braced themselves for this big occasion. A high level of collaboration was seen from all the seven mass centers, as the Christians contributed in all ways to make the day a success. Then came two of our confreres; Fr Mark and Fr Crispine. For one week they set Subukia ablaze with Consolata visiting the Christian communities, celebrating masses, hearing confessions and talking about our charism and missionary spirit.

{mosimage} Hundreds of people from all walks of life, friends, relatives, priests of the diocese, brothers, sisters and our own Consolata missionaries led by the then acting regional superior, Fr Vedastus Kwajaba, turned up to be witnesses of this great occasion, amidst songs and dances, typical of any religious ceremony in Kenya. It was a time of grace not only for me and the Christians of St John’s parish Subukia but also for Nakuru diocese as it ordained its third Consolata missionary.

Still in my honeymoon, I am carrying out my priestly duties around, happy and contented to be a servant of the Lord and His Church. Meanwhile, foreseeing a long wait before my documents are ready, I have been asked to help in our philosophical seminary in Nairobi as a formator. Well, it is not exactly the type of mission I was expecting at this point, but all the same it is my pleasure to accompany my young brothers in their vocational journey.


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