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Consoling Mission

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Since our God, by nature, is both missionary and consoling, we his people are indeed called to be missionaries of consolation. Blessed Joseph Allamano from the very begining of the foundation of our Institute wanted us to be consoling missionaries, bringing God’s consolation to humanity.  On June 27, 2015, when we celebrated  CONSOLATA DAY here at Consolata Mission Centre-Bunju, the two words ‘Consoling Mission ran  through the veins of the youth and all the people present, including the Consolata Fathers, Brothers, Sisters and seminarians. Youth came from different parishes of the Archdiocese of Dar es Salaam, the majority being from the three parishes where the Consolata Missionaries are present at the moment, namely: Kigamboni, Ubungo and Mji Mwema. The number of the people present was approximately 480. Fr. Erasto Mgalama, Superior of the Region of Tanzania, explained in detail the term Consolata: its background / origin, history, charism, identity and mission.  Afterwards Sr. Jane took everyone through the life events of Blessed Irene and explained what it means to live a consoling life as baptized Christians. Indeed, it was a day full of consolation. With no doubt Blessed Joseph Allamano was  joyous beyond our imagination seeing us celebrating Consolata Day as One Big Family with the people of God. In fact, from the depth of our heart, and from the heart of our soul, God’s consoling love was felt. The day began at 9 a.m.  On arrival each one took his / her tea then headed to the Allamano Conference Hall. Around 10:30 a.m. we sang the song called (Uje Roho Mtakatifu) which means: ‘Oh come Holy Spirit’, followed by an opening prayer. When Fr. Erasto Mgalama and Sr. Jane were through with their presentation respectively, it was time for entertainment and other forms of presentation related to the theme of the day.  Each group / parish was given 9 to 11 minutes to present what they had prepared. It was indeed wonderful! At 3p.m we began Holy Mass presided over by Fr. Erasto. Again the joy and delight, and the echoes of consolation were immense. At the end of the Holy Mass it was time to thank everyone who participated in the event and also inviting all to have late lunch. Around 5:30p.m everybody departed. Emile Brunner says:‘The Church exists by mission just as fire exists by burning.  Therefore, as far as the church exists for mission I dare to say we exist for a consoling mission.




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