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Kenya: Consolata, Our Mother’s Day

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If Covid-19 would not have been a global health threat leading to partial or total lockdown in some areas, then Kenya-Uganda Region Consolata Missionaries would have met in Sagana on the Eighteenth day of the month of June. Why?

To celebrate the Feast of Our Lady Consolata!

Nonetheless, despite such an international health phenomenon, this feast was still enthusiastically celebrated within communities in the Region. Yet, communities make a region. So… we felt to have celebrated as a Region!  

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One would concur that indeed the unity in celebration was felt in the Whatsapp’s Consolatas in Kenya group forum.

Best wishes messages of the Feast started trickling down as early as the 19th day of June. And this went on until 21st June 2020.

One confrere, Fr. Geoffrey Kiria, imc offered to post the liturgy on the renewal of our religious vows (for those confreres who might have lacked the Consolata Prayer Book. Since this period of Covid 19 lockdown, some could have been locked in their ancestral homes with no access to any Consolata Missionaries House).

We saw various photos not only of the Feasts, but also of the Icons of Our Lady Consolata. Some confreres even changed their profile photos uploading the image of Consolata in them.

Different videos also graced the moment. Our brothers in the Allamano House, formation center composed a hymn on Consolata, while Deacon Boniface Ochieng, imc had a ten-minute video clip on explanation of the Icon of Our Lady Consolata specifically for Christians who, at this time, just follow spiritual nourishment on media. And Wamba Parish wasn’t left behind. With Fr. Henry Kanziama, imc piloting the youth, they sung tremendously “O Consolata Madre d’amor”!

If there were some competition in matters Kitchen, then Maria Nyota ya Bahari, Loiyangalani Parish would have carried the day. Just five Consolata Missionaries for one full Kondoo (Ram)! And at this time when economy is dwindling due to Corona Virus Epidemic!

All these efforts reflected our identification with our mother! For it was the “feast of our very dear mother… it is everything!” hence going a mile in its nine-day spiritual preparations and celebrations on the 20th June despite the current pandemic.

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The celebration in Sagana Zone was graced by Fr. Zack Kariuki, imc, the Deputy Regional Superior. His homily, of the Eucharistic celebration that began at 10:30 AM, had a strong aura of encouragement not to abide in phobia more so of the Covid 19 and other uncertainties; but instead shout for joy giving an example of the Virgin Mary who despite having her life’s project interfered with by the Divine plan, said yes to the Angel Gabriel and hurriedly and joyfully went to visit Elizabeth.

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Indeed, this feast as our founder, Bl. Joseph Allamano used to say is a feast for us to grow in grace more than any other day, hence responds to our call as Consolata Missionaries.

Since we are still in the octave of the feast, happy feast of Our Lady Consolata!

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