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So far at the Sagana Parish

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Nobody has been spared by this current pandemic. Men and women alike, the rich and the poor alike; the short and tall alike, the slim and fat alike; the believers and the non-believers alike; the employed and the unemployed alike, the civilian and the persons in uniform alike, and definitely the old and the young too.

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Here in Our Lady Consolata Sagana Parish, Kirinyaga County in Kenya it is of no exception.

No sooner had the government directive to close down the public gatherings reach the citizens, than His Lordship Rt. Rev. James Maria Wainaina, Bishop of Muranga Diocese, wrote a decree exempting the Catholic Christians from public gatherings such as Sunday Eucharistic celebrations.

All was in the name of combating the outspread of the Corona Virus Disease (Covid-19) that had its origins thousands and thousands of kilometres away from this land of the first Consolata missions in history.

The consequences were to hit us hard!

From the very active rhythm of the pastoral work just after the Parish Golden Jubilee celebrations, the minimal was witnessed and executed.

But a lot was witnessed down the line.

First, some ill-fated army of desert locust were spotted in some areas of the parish jurisdiction. This didn’t last longer, for no sooner had they started devouring the plants, than there came a change of the currents. And the wind carried them far away North West of the Country. Currently, we are informed that they passed into Ugandan territory.

Months later, their passage was felt in the low food harvest.

Second, then came the planting time. All went to the gardens to cub the previous loss due to the desert locust invasion. Hardly did the plants reach a meter tall, then a heavy downpour washed most parts of the country. Here in Sagana we were not left asunder either.

04 INMD1 02 sagana

The heavy rains left us with the flooded fields and homes. Some lost goats, and chicken to the heavy speeding waters. This scenario, as reported by most of the residence, was witnessed twenty-three years ago during the infamous El-Nino down pour.

There was the need for quick response. Otherwise a life would be lost. And indeed, the Parish and the Church, through the Caritas Muranga Diocese, was at the forefront, to reach out to the victims of this an unanticipated floods.

Yet there is still much need for assistance. There still the need to provide food stuff, clothing and medical care for these victims displaced by waters, majority of whom are our dear senior citizens. And above all, the psychological and spiritual accompaniment.

And third, we are told the Covid-19 is here to stay. How long? The answer is not known. But so far so good. Most people are getting used to the face masks, reduced movements, and getting nourished in matters faith via their televisions, mobile phones, radios and the likes.

We still remain optimistic that one day we shall overcome the fear generated by these calamities and live fully our earthly sojourn.

Christian at Sagana Parish: The water normally comes once and sometimes goes back down to the river.
We are several residents here and some got stuck over that side. Some are very old and even children are there stuck.
They are in need of help to be rescued to come this side to look for what to eat.
We even do not know what they eat that side. We appeal for help in this area.

Fr. MUSITO Joseph Wabwoba 

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