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The Farewell of Fr. Kidane Ashuro - Osizweni Parish

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On the 26th of December 2019, we, the Consolata Missionaries in the KZN Zone our end of the year meeting in our Seminary in Pietermaritzburg with two main agendas. One to have our end of the year meeting and sharing and the second was to say bye bye to Fr. Kidane Ashuro, who has been in this zone for the last ten years – first as a student of theology and then later as a Priest.

The present missionaries in the Zonal Meeting were, Fr. Simon Mbala, Fr. Victor Kota, Fr. Gabriel Kwedho, Fr. Kidane Ashuro and Fr. Nathaniel Kagwima. We were welcomed by our few brothers in the seminary who animated the Holy Mass and prepared a great Braai and lunch for us all.

On that day, we had Holy Mass together of which Fr. Kidane was the main celebrant. He recalled the past years since the day he reported in the Seminary, that time the seminary being in another house other than the present, a distance away from the current location. He recalled too the ups and downs of formation and adopting to the new country. Being the first group of students to form a community of formation, the number of five students- from Kenya, Uganda and Ethiopia had to accommodate the reality of what welcomed them in the new community. Thanks to the experience they god in formation, the changing of the houses to where the Seminary is now, the addition in numbers of the other seminarians that came after along the years, the pastoral experience in woodlands St. Martin de Porres Parish and in other parishes in our delegation has contributed to his missionary, religious and priestly life that he is today. He appreciated all who have been part and parcel of his formation, friendship and brotherhood in all these years.

After the Mass and a two hours meeting, we had a common lunch together and after that left to our particular communities. 

Osizweni Parish says thank you!

On 28th December 2019, which was a Saturday, the Parishioners of Osizweni organized a farewell Braai for Fr. Kidane Ashuro as a way to say thanks for his Missionary and Priestly service in the Parish. They thanked him for being a good shepherd in the recent years as a Parish Priest. A disciplined Priest that was serious and focused as the Parish Priest and as a Missionary, leading the people of God to Christ.

In the same day, the Vicar General, Fr. Moyo and the Dean of Newcastle Deanery Fr. pious Ncube were present. Present too were Fr. Rocco Marra our Delegate Superior and Fr. Joseph Gudino Ofm Cap.

The Vicar General thanked Fr. Kidane for his contribution in the Diocese of Dundee. He especially thanked him for his dedication as the Parish Priest of Osizweni Parish. He encouraged him to keep on the faith and witnessing to the Gospel with the same love and passion in the new mission of work in Ethiopia.

The Dean also representing the Deanery of Newcastle thanked him for being part and parcel of the Clergy in the Deanery. He stressed on the good character and strict discipline that Fr. Kidane has as what made him to have made a good and positive impact in the Parish. 

Farewell at Mass Mary Immaculate Queen – Osizweni

On 29th December 2019, all the five communities of our Parish, namely; St. Francis of Assisi in Utrecht, St. Tarcisio, KwaKristu uMsindisi ( KKU), St. Francis Springbok and Mary Immaculate Queen ( MIQ). The event was graced by Fr. Rocco Marra the Delegate Superior, Fr. Joseph OFM Cap, Fr. Gerald of Dundee Diocese and Fr. Nathaniel Kagwima.

The main Celebrant of the event was Fr. Kidane Ashuro. It was on the occasion of celebrating the Holy Family. Fr. Kidane in his homily asked us to make families a place of love, forgiveness, patience and joy. He said some members of the family feel outcasts since they feel no love of father, mother or siblings. The Parents too at times feel the same absence of love from their children. He challenged us to ask ourselves what we bring in the family – our contribution; is it of love or a contribution that brings pain to the members of the family?

He also thanked the Osizweni Community Parish which became part of that family of God. He assured them that he felt their love and believed they too felt his love for them.

In his farewell speech, he wished all the members of the Church the blessings of God in all they do. He thanked the Parish Pastoral Council for collaborative leadership that made a good progress and success to in the whole Parish.

The Chairman too thanked Fr. Kidane for his love of the Church and leadership skills. He thanked him especially for making sure that the roof of the Church is renovated, the walls painted, and the ceiling replaced among other things.

In Matters of Faith the Chairman thanked Fr. Kidane for making sure that the Catechism classes go on well and the candidates of various sacraments of the Church receive a quality catechism lessons. In a special way, he thanked the Father for the Baptisms, Holy Communion, Home Visits to commune the sick and the old, blessings of homes, which Fr. Kidane did to his level best, visiting more or less 700 homes as much s those who come to Church are less. 

Fr. Rocco Marra, in his message thanked Fr. Kidane too for his Missionary dedication for the years that he has been in Osizweni Parish. He wished him all the best in his new role in Ethiopia. He also notified to the parishioner that in the year 2021, we will be celebrating 50 years of our presence in South Africa and in particular in the Diocese of Dundee where our Missionaries started in the Mission of Piet Retief in 1971. He asked the people to prepare spiritually for this event that will be very important not only to the Consolata Missionaries but to all those who have been evangelized by the Consolata Missionaries.

The event of the farewell was good, but at the same time sad. Farewells always taste bitter. But we understand it is by God's will and calling that we are sent to work wherever we are.

We thank the Lord for the great Missionary and Priestly service that Fr. Kidane Ashuro gave to the people of South Africa and in a special way in Kwazulu Natal province. We wish him all the best under the guide and protection of our Lady Consolata.

Fr. Kidane, Siyabonga Kakhulu. Hamba kahle mtana kaBaba Allamano! 

A blessed New Year 2020 full of God's blessings. 

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