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Priority is to "build" church, people of God

  • Lug 08, 2018
  • di  Fr. Godfrey Msumange IMC, General Councillor for Africa
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ANGOLA, it is the seventh biggest country in Africa with only 29 mln habitants. We greet each other bom dia, and you respond the same bom dia. It is one of richest country, as we all know. Minerals, petrol etc, but as in countries alike, where the mother earth provides all those richness, there is no tranquillity. Corruption war which yields to incredible poverty and sufferings. ...

It is this land that we the Consolata Missionaries are working, four years now. They are 6 missionaries, young of 5 nationalities. We work in the periphery of the city, Luanda, in two dioceses, Viana and Caxito.  Just in one parish, we have 200,000 habitants. The main challenges are typical of the outskirts of cities, one of them being the mushrooming of evangelical churches.

The war the country lived worsened the situation.  Poverty, yes but with dignity!  The Church does a lot to offer formation, not only a religious one.

At the moment the priority is to "build" church, people of God, later will follow church structure! In the near future a third mission will be opened in the north, some 1250 km from the capital. NEXT ...MOZAMBIQUE. 

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