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ESWATINI: Let’s Find New Answers to our New Challenges, Bishop Urges Church

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Rt. Rev. José Luis Ponce de León IMC Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Manzini has urged the Church to find new solutions to the emerging problems posed by the onset of Covid-19.

“The future might be nothing like the past. The World Health Organization Emergencies director called us to consider the possibility that the Covid-19 never goes away… Let us not live the present waiting to return to the past. Let us look at the present and to the future and, with the same faith, hope, love and enthusiasm, look for new answers to new challenges,” he said in a May 21 message for the feast of the Ascension of the Lord.

The bishop noted that he had not anticipated to celebrate Holy feasts under such circumstances but noted that the call to evangelization stands regardless.



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