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"Digital Church" in Asia, amid coronavirus emergency

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Catholic Bishops across Asia have advised the faithful to attend Church service through live streaming or masses aired live on cable, local television networks, radio stations, online and social media. They also urged people to invest more time in prayer, recite Rosary, devote time in personal prayer reading the Bible and do other spiritual practices.

The coronavirus decease (COVID-19) pandemic has affected more nations than the World Wars. The exponential crisis and challenges posed by the outbreak are not normal. The outbreak has impacted every aspect of life—family, social, business, governance, education, economy, religion, to name a few.

During a crisis like the COVID-19 pandemic, authorities of every kind have urged the public to make a positive difference in the world to protect humanity. It is also, a clarion call people that all collectively grapple with what this global pandemic means so that people limit the risk of passing along the infection to others.

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